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Special Medical Package
Medical Field Package Program

This is the fastest, and easist way to equip you to jump start your medical career. Are you worry about new post pandemic rea of losing job?

are you interested on medical field yet you dont have time?

are you searching the cheapest way, yet fastest way to stetp in medical field?

this education pacakage can be your solution. 

AUMT Medical Career Package Program is..

1.What kind of Program is it?

 It is combination program of Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy and EKG program all together.

2. who are the one benefit for this?

this will give all around understanding of first medical careers where you have a good understanding 

of new medical career, not just one subject matter.

also, it is fastest way and most inexpensive way to get you a whole new medical career

for other medical programs, rediculously long and expensive, and wasteful of unrelated subject matter for its career 

but aumt condensed all necessary, only necessary knowleges in very affordable price where you can't find anywhere


3. Why you want to take combined programs ?

Medical Job employers look for not just medical assistant but those who have both phlebotomy and EKG license under your belt. this will get you easier finding a job and promising more wages for your first step medical career.

its only 5000$ education all together 6 month, where others provide them at least 1 year and half together.

also they education expense costs up to 15 thousand dollar all together.

With this medical pack, you can get 20 to 25 dollar per hour and  recoup your investment within 2 to 3 month.

this Medical pack will save you money and your investment worthy.  


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